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Sheet Metal Forming Simulation Services in Houston, TX

By making an upfront investment in the engineering of parts and processes, you can cut down on lead times and development costs. Minuteman Press Aldine utilizes metal forming simulation software to validate all of your forming processes. Since the creation of tools typically necessitates a number of iterations, we use simulation tools to help us arrive at the best possible designs for your tools much more rapidly. This reduces the need for some corrective loops and speeds up production.

Our team of engineers will deliver a thorough report outlining the Go/No-Go locations in the process at the end of each simulation iteration. These findings provide you the chance to make adjustments and fix problems before the die is built, avoiding costly and time-consuming modifications later in the building process.

We assess and test tooling designs, part materials, and forming processes using cutting-edge stamping simulation software. Prior to the creation of the tooling, die simulation might reveal potential design issues. Additionally, it can guarantee that the materials chosen will work well in a manufacturing context. Additionally, we can model potential part quality improvements to save expensive tool recuts.

Stamping simulation analysis can evaluate:

  • Thinning
  • Splitting
  • Compression
  • Wrinkling
  • Trim line optimization
  • Spring back and compensation

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