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Design of Experiments Services - Minuteman Press

FEA (Finite Element Analysis) service for creating Design of Experiments involves using computer simulations to model and analyze different design variables and their impact on product performance. This allows for virtual testing and optimization of the design without the need for physical prototypes. The simulations take into account various real-world factors such as material properties, loading conditions, and boundary conditions to provide accurate results. The Design of Experiments approach helps determine the optimal combination of design variables that meet performance requirements while minimizing cost and risk.

The process of creating Design of Experiments through FEA computer simulations typically involves the following steps:

  1. Define the problem: Identify the design variables and performance parameters that need to be studied.

  2. Design matrix: Develop a matrix of design variables and levels to be tested.

  3. FEA model creation: Create a detailed 3D finite element model of the product, including material properties and boundary conditions.

  4. Run simulations: Use the FEA software to run simulations for each combination of design variables in the matrix.

  5. Data analysis: Analyze the simulation results to determine the impact of each design variable on the performance parameters.

  6. Results interpretation: Interpret the results to determine the optimal combination of design variables that meets performance requirements.

  7. Optimization: Use optimization algorithms to further fine-tune the design variables to achieve optimal results.

  8. Validation: Validate the results through physical testing or by comparing to real-world data.

  9. Final design: Implement the final design into production and continue to monitor its performance.

For our customers, Minuteman Press offers this service in the equipment design process.

What we need to run your Design of Experiments (DOE) scenario:

  • We need to understand what are the key factors in your process
  • At what settings would the equipment (component) deliver acceptable performance
  • What are the key, main, and interaction effects in this process
  • What settings would bring about less variation in the output

What we offer at the end of a DOE project:

  • A comprehensive standard Design of Experiments analysis report that will provide several improved design proposal for the component analyzed.

DOE Consulting Services prices:

Project  Prices Rate per Hour Services provided
Standard DOE $700 to $1,500 $60 to $80 Simple mechanical component with few parameters
Complex DOE $1,500 to $3,000 $80 to $100 Complex series of key factors that have to be taken into account.



  • Our Pricing Schedule only provides you with the bare minimum of details on the quotation. We must take into account the full cost of software code consumption, CPU time, project man-hours, in-depth research, travel, and more for some complex consulting projects.
  • We must have the following information to determine a precise quote: a 3D CAD model, a detailed load situation, and your primary requests from our service.

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