Design Your Product

How to use Minuteman Press Design & Print free software

Minuteman Press free design & print software helps you to customize our products’ templates according to your needs. With inspiring template designs and creative tools, you will be able to edit our designs or create your own from scratch.  Whether you need to address an envelope, organize your office, produce a business card or brand your products, Minuteman Press Design & Print can help you make them look great, without the need for an external agency or expensive design software.

Read our step by step guide below to find out how to get started with this creative online software.

1. Find Your Minuteman Press Product

Use our Search all products... tool located in the top right corner of the website or scroll down top down menus.

Search all products

Scroll-down menus

2. Select the desired design template

For every customizable product, under the price line, you'll see a tab: Please pick a design here

Please pick a design here

Click the tab and you'll see a list of the available template designs for that product.  Select the desired design.

Select Your Design

3. Customize the selected template

Once you have selected a design template, a green button will appear underneath: CUSTOMIZE THIS DESIGNClicking the button will open the design template in our online design tool.

Customized this design

4. Personalize your design editing the text directly on the page

Once in the template, on the left side, select the page you want to customize by clicking on it. Then, upload your own image and edit the text according to your needs.

Select Your Page to Edit


5. Preview & Submit Your design

When you have completed your design, you can preview it and then submitted to us for printing. In the right top corner there is a red button called Preview. Click it to preview your design. If you like the way it looks then you need to submit it to us for printing.


The Submit button will create a file ready to print and place it into our Projects library. From there we will be able to print it for you.