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Blueprints to CAD Conversion Services | Minuteman Press

Don't let outdated blueprints slow down your projects! Upgrade to digital with our professional Blueprints to CAD Conversion services. We can convert your physical blueprints into CAD (Computer-Aided Design) format, making them easy to edit, share and archive. Our team of experts will work with you to ensure that your blueprints are converted to your exact specifications. Order now and take advantage of the benefits of digital blueprints, such as improved collaboration, increased efficiency and cost savings. You can also contact us for a free consultation and see how we can help with your specific project needs. Don't wait any longer, contact us today and get your blueprints converted to digital format.

Raster to Vector Conversion

Architects, construction and engineering companies, contractors, and even schools are progressively digitizing old paper designs, maps, and blueprints. Converting your paper drawings, maps, and plans is now more economical and powerful than ever before. Convert your existing paper designs into DWG/DGN CAD files.

Steps for converting blueprints to CAD:

1. You send your source files to us

Send us PDFs, JPEGs, or TIFF files by email or upload them to our website. You can mail hard copies, prints, and scans, or we can pick them up from your location.

2. We make cost and time estimates

The cost is determined by the size, discipline, density, and clarity of the source files, as well as the volume (we apply a discount for multiple drawings). It will take 1-3 business days to get things started.

3. You approve

The process of converting to digital CAD starts.

4. We prepare the source file

Crookedness, speckling (unwanted pixels), and blurriness are all addressed as we scan the source drawing. Both manual and automated techniques are used in this step.

5. We convert and redraw your file

We then overlay the source drawing and redraw it manually to ensure that the software translation is proper. Nothing surpasses the human touch when it comes to quality, and nothing matches ours.

6. We deliver your converted drawing

7. You pay for our services

The typical turnaround time for 1-3 medium density D-size sheets is approximately 3-5 days, which costs as low as $125 per sheet.

Blueprint & Architectural Printing - Minuteman Press Aldine

As part of our large-format print services, Minuteman Press is pleased to offer Blueprints Printing and Large Format Scanning for engineering, construction and architectural layouts.

BIM Services in Houston | Minuteman Press Aldine

We are an Engineering Services company offering the following BIM Services: Architectural BIM Services, Building Information Modeling Services, Electrical BIM Services, and HVAC BIM Services.

Houston Engineering Solutions | Minuteman Press Aldine

Utilize our system integration and engineering consulting services to get the results you need from a company you can trust on. We are an Engineering and Printing Services company offering services for over 40 years. In the Engineering Field we offer the following solutions: 3D CAD Modeling and Design Services, Blueprints to CAD conversion, Drafting Services, Design of Experiments, Fatigue Analysis Services, FEA Consulting Services, FEA Preprocessing Services, and Sheet Metal Forming Simulations Services.

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