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FEA Preprocessing Services - Minuteman Press

Before any FEA simulation can be set up numerically and run, some preparation must be made. Pre-processing is the name of this stage. Among other things, we will upload and clean the CAD geometry in this step. We will also create the simulation domain, assign the simulation settings, such as the initial and boundary conditions, materials, and any other physical phenomena, numerical values, and simulation control settings, and generate the mesh. Preprocessing, often known as model preparation, is frequently the FEA step that requires the most labor-intensive effort.

Knowing the physics involved in the issue statement and what is to be solved for is necessary for the simulation setup to be accurate. If this is not evident, even though the setup has been checked for mathematical mistakes, it might not be physically sound. In other words, even though the equations being utilized have been correctly solved, they may not be applicable to the problem at hand.

It is required to inspect the uploaded CAD geometry for any flaws, such as crossing faces or open edges, in order for it to be considered valid. To accomplish this, the geometry is cleaned up and made mesh-friendly. Some issues can be resolved in two dimensions, while others call for fully developed three-dimensional geometry. One decision leads to another in FEA simulations, and depending on the geometry and setup complexity, time and money might be saved by using less computer power.

Utilizing the right combination of mesh and boundary conditions, Minuteman Press engineers can identify the optimal method to solving your problem based on their extensive experience using CAD and FEA tools in various industries.

What we need to complete your FEA preprocessing project:

  • 2D drawings with complete dimension information, or a 3D CAD model
  • Details of the load conditions
  • Material properties for every component
  • What is the purpose of the analysis

What we offer at the end of a FEA preprocessing:

  • An input FEA model for your solver.

FEA Consulting Services prices:

Project  Prices Rate per Hour Services provided
Standard FEA $700 to $1,500 $60 to $80 Simple physical models
Complex FEA $1,500 to $3,000 $60 to $80 More complex physical models involving non-linear contacts and combined loading scenarios.



  • Our Pricing Schedule only provides you with the bare minimum of details on the quotation. We must take into account the full cost of software code consumption, CPU time, project man-hours, in-depth research, travel, and more for some complex consulting projects.
  • We must have the following information to determine a precise quote: a 3D CAD model, a detailed load situation, and your primary requests from our service.

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