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Design of Experiments Services - Minuteman Press

Numerous companies employ the design of experiments (DOE) method when conducting experiments to accelerate the development of new goods and processes and to enhance already-existing ones. When used properly, it can reduce time to market, lower production and development costs, and boost quality and dependability.

The complexity of current products and processes is increasing as a result of technological advancements. The analyst, who is already limited by resources and time, will no longer be able to use trial and error approaches to study the myriad elements that affect these complicated processes as the cost of experimentation climbs quickly. Instead, a method is required that most effectively pinpoints the "critical few" elements and then guides the procedure to the ideal configuration in order to meet the always rising demand for better quality and enhanced productivity. DOE strategies offer strong and effective ways to accomplish these goals. One-factor-at-a-time tests, in which one component is changed at a time to examine its impact on a product or process, are significantly less effective than designed studies. Despite being simple to grasp, the one-factor-at-a-time experiments do not allow for the research of how a factor influences a product or process in the presence of other factors. An interaction is a relationship where one or more additional elements cause the impact of one component on the product or process to change. The impacts of interactions frequently outweigh the effects of individual elements. This is due to the fact that several of the factors are present simultaneously in the product or process' application environment, as opposed to isolated occurrences of a single component at various points in time.

 For our clients, Minuteman Press offers this service in the equipment design process.

 What we need to run your Design of Experiments (DOE) scenario:

  • We need to understand what are the key factors in your process
  • At what settings would the equipment (component) deliver acceptable performance
  • What are the key, main, and interaction effects in this process
  • What settings would bring about less variation in the output

What we offer at the end of a DOE project:

  • A comprehensive standard Design of Experiments analysis report that will provide several improved design proposal for the component analyzed.

DOE Consulting Services prices:

Project  Prices Rate per Hour Services provided
Standard DOE $700 to $1,500 $60 to $80 Simple mechanical component with few parameters
Complex DOE $1,500 to $3,000 $80 to $100 Complex series of key factors that have to be taken into account.



  • Our Pricing Schedule only provides you with the bare minimum of details on the quotation. We must take into account the full cost of software code consumption, CPU time, project man-hours, in-depth research, travel, and more for some complex consulting projects.
  • We must have the following information to determine a precise quote: a 3D CAD model, a detailed load situation, and your primary requests from our service.

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