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Fatigue Analysis Services in Houston, TX

The operational life of the component and its probable cause of failure can be correctly anticipated with appropriate fatigue assessment. Engineers at Minuteman Press Aldine evaluate component and assembly fatigue life under varied loads and service situations using fatigue analysis.

The advantages of performing fatigue analysis

Since they frequently occur without warning and cause significant damage to related equipment, fatigue breakdowns can be highly expensive. Fatigue failures in piping and pressure vessels typically result in the loss of fluid containment, which is quickly followed by fires, explosions, or threats to the environment and personnel's health. Rotating machinery can suffer serious harm from shafting failures. Structures or components subjected to high vibration may sustain fatigue damage. If high vibration circumstances are properly analyzed and examined, it is possible to determine whether the vibration could lead to fatigue failures. 

Engineers from Minuteman Press will:

  • Perform FEM analyses on all loading cases of concern
  • Identify potential crack locations using failure criteria and stress concentrations
  • Perform Fatigue Analysis to determine service life
  • Provide suggestions to improve, maintain, monitor, replace, or retire the equipment.

Through our services, we make sure that our customers can maintain and lengthen the life of their gear and equipment.

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